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Revue Militaire Suisse articles on ETH site

Thought it might prove of interest to see how one can get articles from the ETH site, using as an example:

Revue Militaire Suisse - vol 52 - 1907

The language options are German, French, Italian & English - little DFIE in the upper right.

To go to a list of issues one can either click on the line shown at "Revue Miitaire Suisse":
History & geography > Revue Militaire Suisse > Volume 52 (1907))

or use this link:

The page noted above for volume 52 is for the index to that year's issues.

To see an article, move the cursor, then select whichever article by a Click on the article name or page of the index to get to it (right click & open in new tab or window works)

Examples are:

De Pultusk a Eylau - Extrait des souvenirs inédis du général Jomini - Planche I

pages 2-15

La bataille d'Eylau - Extrait des souvenirs inédis du général Jomini - Planche VI

pages 73-89

They include the maps, albeit in a reduced format.

To get a pdf click go to the right "Article as PDF" and the small pdf symbol. It shall go to the download folder. Right clicking for save as works.

All this goes for the other journals on the site, like the "Allgemeine schweizerische Militärzeitung = Journal militaire suisse = Gazetta militare svizzera"

Enjoy - R