Napoleon Series Archive 2015

Brissot and Lafayette and War

The Uses of Power: Lafayette and Brissot in 1792
Sylvia Neely

"Brissot's campaign to lead France into war started as soon as he entered the Legislative Assembly in the fall of 1791 and continued relentlessly through the winter. In his excellent book on The Origins of the French Revolutionary Wars, T. C. W. Blanning attributes Brissot's crusade to the 'conviction that the Revolution was only half-completed and should be driven on to its logical conclusion. That meant the subversion of the constitution which had just been introduced.' Brissot advocated war, even though the army was weakened by emigration, desertion, and revolts. He was not worried about waging war with an army that was poorly trained and undersupplied because he did not value expertise.";view=fulltext