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Don't have to tell me about Texas and money.

I suspect that a rich Texas oil man was a Napoleonic era enthusiast and had a special interest in Sir Sidney Smith. American interest in Smith makes perfect sense to me, his character is much more of the American spirit than any other British officer that I know about.

With so little material available on Smith, will have to contact Rice and see what the availability is.

By the way, my interest in Smith is a direct result of wanting to find out more about the Russian Colonel Figner. (The guy who used an air cane to take on behind the enemy lines espionage and, of course, to execute French soldiers in the field)

Part of Figner's history is that he stayed in Naples, after the 1806 Russian Army withdrew from Naples. My question was, what would Figner have done in this area at this time? I think that the answer is almost certainly that he was part of the irregular forces that Sir Sidney Smith recruited and effectively used in the Calabria rebellion immediately after the Russian withdrawal. My guess is that Figner was trained in espionage work by none other than Smith. Doubt that there could ever be much direct evidence for this but it is sort of like surmising that a light at night might attract moths.

Smith was very well known to the Russians and any Russian soldier wishing to stay and fight in Italy would have made a straight line to Sir Sidney Smith and there is no question that Smith would have immediately employed Figner, because of his language skills.

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Re: Sir Sidney Smith in Texas.
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