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Re: An Historical Journal of the British Campaign

A print on demand version is available - see for various suppliers.

Jones was a Lieutenant in the 57th Foot, part of Lord Moira's force which landed on the Continent in June 1794, until he transferred to the 14th as a Captain in January 1795. I found this book a bit of a disappointment - appears to be mainly drawn from the official despatches and lacks the gritty day to day detail of Brown. Burne describes it as "a poor affair". I think a better bet is the anonymous "Journal kept in the British Army, from the landing of the troops under the command of Earl Moira, at Ostend, in June 1794, to their return to England the following year" also available through Bookfinder.

I realise that this area is of little interest to most readers of the forum, but if anyone wants to contact me by email, I am happy to discuss the campaign and available sources.



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