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According to Friederich - HerbstfeldzŁge volume 3, page 227

Napoleon's army:

dead and wounded : 38 000
POWS : 15 000
captured wounded and sick in the hospitals of Leipzig : 15 000
defection to the Alleis : 5000

He assumes that the POWS are even more numerous - but stays conservative

furhter captured

28 colours and eagles
325 guns
900 amunition waggons
(a great number of them was burned by the French before the retreat)

The number of French soldiers who were able to retreat behing the Saale is estimated by Camille Rousset of about 80 000, Marmont estimates 60 000 of them fit for fighting.

One has to add to this the French forces now encircled at Dresden and it is very evident how small Napoleon's operational force had become due to the disastrous result of loosing the battle of the nations.

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