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Waterloo re-enactment: an outsider's view

The Christmas letter from some old friends of mine included this paragraph that I thought I would share.

"In June, D and I went to Belgium for the bi-centennial celebrations of the Battle of Waterloo. We had a wondeful time. apart from the food poisoning that D got after eating some of the food in the VIP tent (yes we were supposed to be there). Some of the French side didn't even speak French; there were some from Latvia and Ecuador! Most of the Black Watch contingent was Canadian. One of the highlights of the re-enactment was the fact that Hougemont's walls kept falling down. Hougemont Chateau was pivotal in the actual battle and was fiercely attacked by the French and equally fiercely defended by the allied forces. In the re-enactment, the French were actually helping to hold the walls up! What was worse, at the second re-enactment, no repairs had been done to the walls - modern builders!"

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!


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Waterloo re-enactment: an outsider's view
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