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fidélités républicaines sous Consulat et Empire

Les fidélités républicaines sous le Consulat et l’Empire
Natalie Petiteau
Annales historiques de la Révolution française, 346 | 2006, p. 59-74

Republican Loyalties under the Consulate and Empire. Historians of the First Empire have much neglected the study of the persistance of republicanism after 1799. Even the numerous references to the coup d’Etat of Malet, in the classic historiography, scarcely allude to the influence in this event of republican loyalties. Recent research using police sources, however, reveals that political opposition did not completely disappear from political life under the Empire. The study of this continuity of allegiances not only demonstrates the role of political personalities in revolutionary times, often condemned to operate later in secret, but also of the role of anonymous persons forming diverse oppositions imbued with republican nostalgia. Such a study, moreover, shows to what extent the persistance of a political life is found at the border between public and secret space.