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The Knight of the Sword strikes again!

Paragraph 4

"The vexations began as soon as the invader entered Lisbon without being able to prevent the flight of the royal family to Brazil. Junot seized neither the Regent nor his crown, and thus, unlike Spain, Portugal would remain an independent country. "

Of course, it was -our hero- Sir Sidney Smith who made good the escape of the royal family to Brazil.

The entire article is worthwhile, but, one bit that caught my eye was,

Marbot finally mentions what he considers to be the "principal cause" of the French setbacks on the peninsula:

"The immense superiority of the accuracy of the firing of the English infantry, the superiority which results from the very frequent exercise at the target, and also from its formation in two ranks"

These are the same superior qualities given to the English infantry at the battle of Maida.

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The Knight of the Sword strikes again!