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Re: Sidney Smith...'The Unprincipled...'

There were also naval officers of the United States Navy who I would rate superior to Smith as commanders, and officers in general, though the United States did not have the rank of admiral until the War of the Rebellion.

Edward Preble, Isaac Hull, Charles Stewart, Oliver Perry, Thomas Macdonough, and Stephen Decatur were American naval officers more skilled as naval officers than Smith, especially Edward Preble who is all rights should be given the honorific as 'Father of the United States Navy' for his work in instructing an entire generation of American naval officers.

Perry and Macdonough were the victors in fleet actions on the lakes against the Royal Navy in the War of 1812. Decatur was hailed by Nelson himself as performing 'the most daring act of the age' in the burning of the captured American frigate Philadelphia in Tripoli harbor during the Tripolitan War.

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