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What's New in the Napoleon Series: 31 August 2015
The 2014 Napoleon Series Writing Contest Winners!
Selenich Brothers, Schirvan Regiment...
Re: Selenich Brothers, Schirvan Regiment...
War of 1812 Research Guide
Adjudant général Leturcq, de l'armée d'Orient
New-Napoléon au Portugal
Coming-Napoléon ou l'art du désastre militaire
New-The Irish at Waterloo
Napoleonic Wars-French Casualties
Re: Napoleonic Wars-French Casualties
Public asked to find Waterloo stories
robots asked to find fragments of Waterloo stories
Napoleon's Bivouac
Peter Hofschröer; Electronic Book Burning on Wiki *LINK*
Re: Peter Hofschröer; Electronic Book Burning on W
Re: Peter Hofschröer
Re: Peter Hofschröer
Okay, to be serious
Verwundung & sanitätsdienstliche Versorgung Waterl
Recent-Sächsische Soldaten 1810 bis 1815
Recent-Als die Schweizer für Napoleon fochten
Girod de l’Ain, Vie militaire
Re: Girod de l’Ain, Vie militaire
:D :D must be your birthday :D :D
Re: :D :D must be your birthday :D :D
:-( ... not your birthday :-(
Re: :-( ... not your birthday :-(
*NM* merci pour la manche *NM*
*NM* shame not on lne *NM*
*NM* Thanks for Sharing *NM*
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