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Re: French losses against Portuguese patriots in 1

Thank you for the kind words, but itís unlikely any research I do will ultimately be available as a book. As you have correctly pointed out, there is no appetite for books that do not deliver battles and victories (although the re-taking of Porto was, as you say, an undoubted and unprecedented triumph Ė in the context of the struggle for Iberia to that time at least ).

I have read your book on the invasion. And, it provides both French and Allied perspectives. My interest lies not, though, in Wellesley or Soult - there are very many others better placed and more interested in the relevant subject matter - but in the very substantial contribution that Portugal and the Portuguese made to the repulse of the second and third invasions (and occupation following the first invasion).

As you quite rightly point out, Soult did manage to extricate his army at the expense of his artillery and baggage despite the insubordination, and totally inadequate communications with, specific divisional commanders. And Wellesley was unable to prevent his escape for much the same reasons Ė although I would suggest that communications (and some inertia) were the more substantial problems on the allied side.

In my opinion, Martinienís tables provide a unique source of detailed evidence of the losses sustained by the French in this campaign and the actual conflicts in which those losses were sustained. Furthermore, my view is that (many) historians have neglected a number of highly relevant sources (these tables are but one example) due to not having undertaken a proper and rigorous literature review, identifying specific sources that are material to the study and with a view to enhancing our understanding.

For example, Soultís failed attempt to cross the Minho with a corps of the French army (in the face of - in Anglo-centric accounts at least - very limited opposition) can only be understood correctly with recourse to a number of readily available Portuguese sources that, unfortunately, have not been researched and used by successive historians (following Oman and others).

Best wishes

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