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Very bad news about Roland Umhey.

To all

I don't know if there are vey much members of this forum know the German brothers Alfred and Roland Umhey, who have together one the most elaborated collection of books, magazines and figurines of military history in Western Europe. Alfred told me once several years ago that he tought the collection of figurines of both brothers numbered more then 500.000 but he didn't know for sure.
Both brothers worked since several years at the" Le Musée Guerre et Paix en Ardennes" in Novion-Porcien in the Ardennes region of France, and were resposible for its collection and the restoration of the museum during some 2 years that reopened last year with a total new exhibition, worth the visit . .

Both brothers were the authors of several books on the uniforms of the Napoleonic period and were planning to install a new figurine museum in their house at Lampertheim in Germany. - the person on the left on the photo in this link is Alfred Umhey and the person on the right is the deceased Roland Umhey.
The followink gives an impression of their collection at their home with Alfred Umhey giving the explanation.
And both brothers were also famous re-enactors of the Napoleonic period, known by all the people who attended all re-enactments on all the battelfields where Napoleon or his Marshalls and generals were involved .

A week ago I received a message of Alfred that his younger brother Roland passed away that morning at the age of 51 after a short but very hard period of sickness,
which was a slap in my face, even more because I had already planned to visit them at their home and to go together to the 2-yearly flat figurine show at Kulmbach.
Recent photo of Roland and Alfred Umhey are to see at this link . -

In memory of Roland Umhey


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