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Napoleon And Waterloo

The Emperor's Campaign with the Armée du Nord, 1815

By A.F. Becke


Becke's sought-after history of Waterloo covers the whole campaign, from Napoleon's return from Elba to the advance of the Allies on Paris and the end of the Hundred Days.

This new reprint of Napoleon and Waterloo presents Becke's revised edition of his classic work, in which he focuses on following the working of Napoleon's plan, the employment of Ney's and Grouchy's detachments and the fortunes of the Armée du Nord. In addition, the handling of the Allied Armies is detailed for a full understanding of the manoeuvres of the Emperor and his two lieutenants. Napoleon and Waterloo gives a clear and comprehensive picture of a dramatic and hugely influential campaign.


  • Full account of the Waterloo campaign
  • Orders of battle for all the armies involved


"...Few books covering the dramatic events of the Battle of Waterloo achieve a lasting reputation for the quality of their analysis and contribution to the Napoleonic canon; few of these have been produced this century. One notable exception is Major A. F. Becke's Napoleon and Waterloo... A must for the specialist, but equally of value for the general reader seeking reputable military history." - Brigadier B. D. Wheelwright, Journal of The Royal Artillery

"...As an overall, deeply researched account of the strategy and planning of all three Armies, this is superb."- Dermot Blundell, Guards Magazine, The Journal of the Household Division

"...Greenhill have done you a great favour by making it readily available." - The Age of Napoleon

"...In great detail, and with fascinating hypotheses, he examines all the combinations open to the commanders during four critical days, and he praises or criticises those actually adopted. The whole book is a wonderful Staff College exercise on paper and it is moreover, eminently readable." - S.G.P. Ward, Journal of the Society of Army Historical Research

"...Becke's fine book completely absorbed me... Napoleon and Waterloo can be regarded as one of the best four books on this subject. This volume requires some hard reading but it should certainly be read and is strongly recommended." - British Army Review

"...This is very much a 'classic' account which admirably tells the story of the campaign from an unashamedly British point of view...its maps are excellent...a sound work." - J. C. Ellliot-Wright, Military Illustrated

"...Classic." - Soldier Magazine


Major A. F. Becke, a serving artillery officer, was the official mappist and compiler of orders of battle for the Official History of the Great War, and the author of two works of military history as well as Napoleon and Waterloo.

June 1995 | ISBN 1-85567-206-8 | Price: £19.95/$39.95

Format: 222 x 141mm Pages: 352

Features: maps


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