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On The Napoleonic Wars

By David Chandler

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David Chandler is one of the leading military historians of the twentieth century. This collection of his work presents stimulating and valuable articles, essays and lectures on important aspects of the dramatic Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

The diverse array of subjects covered here includes the British campaign in Egypt in 1801; the battle of Maida, where British troops faced French before the onset of the Peninsular War; Napoleon's decisive victories at Marengo and Austerlitz; the Peninsular War and the battle of Sahagun; the Russian Army at war in 1807 and 1812; the battle of Borodino; the retreat from Moscow; and Napoleon's marshals.

This collection spans the entire professional career of Dr Chandler and clearly demonstrates the depth of research and the accessible style of one of Britain's foremost writers on the military history of the Napoleonic era.


"David Chandler's expertise is incontestable." - The Daily Telegraph


  • The collected essays of David Chandler
  • Analysis of crucial moments in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars
  • First paperback edition


David Chandler MA, D.Litt, FRHists, is a distinguished military historian and the foremost authority on Napoleon. He is the author of such seminal works as The Campaigns of Napoleon and Napoleon's Marshals.

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