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The Note-Books Of Captain Coignet

Soldier of the Empire, 1799-1816

By Captain Jean-Roch Coignet

The Note-Books Of Captain Coignet cover

Greenhill now have available a classic of Napoleonic literature in an attractive trade paperback edition. This is the first time that Greenhill have published a book on the Napoleonic Wars in trade paperback, and is part of Greenhill's growing programme of books in that format. A list of some of the available titles is below, and Greenhill hope that they will be able to publish a number of books on the Napoleonic Wars in this format over the coming years.

The first book, a classic and one of the first published in Greenhill's Napoleonic Library, in this format is:

The Note-Books Of Captain Coignet
Soldier of the Empire, 1799-1816
by Captain Jean-Roch Coignet
Introduction by Sir John Fortescue

Coignet's memoirs, rightly regarded as being among the best of the Napoleonic period, create an abiding impression of life in the armies of Napoleon and are now published for the first time in paperback.

An active soldier throughout the Napoleonic Wars, Coignet witnessed the major events of the era and set them down in a thoroughly readable and inspirational account that has easily withstood the tests of time. His own lively sense of humour and remarkably detailed observations on human nature pervade the book and make for the captivating story of an individual surviving, sometimes only just, the rise and fall of empires.

Coignet's remarkable career as a soldier began first in Italy, as a conscript in 1800, and he went on to participate in all the major campaigns. He fought at Austerlitz and Jena, was present at the taking of Madrid and of Vienna, managed to survive both the appalling advance to and retreat from Moscow, and later fought at Leipzig. He took part in both the French and Waterloo campaigns, narrowly avoiding capture at Waterloo itself.

Reviewing an earlier edition of the book, David Chandler described it as:

"... a colourful source of first--hand information."

The Note-Books Of Captain Coignet has 320 pages in a 216 x 138mm trade paperback format.


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