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The Art Of War Of Revolutionary France, 1789-1802

By Paddy Griffith

The Art Of War Of Revolutionary France cover


This brilliant new book reveals how the French revolutionary armies were able to achieve decisive success over the armies of Austria, Prussia, Britain and Spain. Paddy Griffith vividly captures the verve and excitement of these campaigns crucial to the history of Europe and clearly demonstrates that French armies were the most powerful in the world, even before they evolved into Napoleonıs legendary military machine.

Covering the diverse and rich period between the Fall of the Bastille and the Peace of Amiens, this authoritative work throws new light on the character of the French armies, the merits of their generals and the performance of both during the numerous and hard-fought battles of the period.

With chapters on army organisation, operations in the various theatres of war, the navy, the Representatives on Mission, the Governmentıs relationship with the armies, the armies in battle and the important personalities of the period ­ such as Dumouriez, St Just, Jourdan, Hoche and Carnot - this book is a superb and wide-ranging insight into a key turning point in the history of warfare.


  • Comprehensive study of a crucial period in warfare
  • Detailed analysis of battlefield tactics
  • New light on the generals of revolutionary France


Paddy Griffith was a senior lecturer in War Studies at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for sixteen years, and is the author of numerous books and articles on the history of warfare including Battle Tactics of the Western Front, 1916­18and The Viking Art of War.

August 1998 | ISBN 1-85367-335-8 | Price: £20.00/$39.95

Format: 240 x 159mm | Hardback | Pages: 320

Features: 41 illustrations, 31 maps and diagrams, 26 tables


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