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1815: The Waterloo Campaign - The German Victory

From Waterloo to the Fall of Napoleon

By Peter Hofschröer

1815: The Waterloo Campaign - The German Victory cover

Peter Hofschröer, in this second volume of his masterly study of 1815, challenges the accepted version of events at the battle of Waterloo. His extensive research from German archives and published sources, as well as previously unpublished accounts - including the Duke of Wellington's records - presents an entirely new perspective on these events. He demonstrates convincingly that allied victory hinged on the contribution of German soldiers and, in particular, the Prussian contingent.

Hofschröer details not only Prussian operations but also throws light on the actions fought by some of the 25,000 Germans in Wellington's 'British' army - more than a third of the Duke's force. He reveals that German troops did most of the fighting and suffered most of the casualties on the allied side in this destructive campaign.

A gripping narrative of astonishing detail captures such key episodes of Waterloo as La Haye Sainte, Papelotte and the Prussian struggle with the Imperial Guard for Plancenoit. In addition, Hofschröer examines the Allied offensive into France and the taking of Paris.

1815: The Waterloo Campaign - The German Victory is a definitive work on an epic confrontation by one of today's leading military writers.


The Confusion of Battle
Napoleon Follows Up
The Prussians Start for Waterloo
The Field of Waterloo
The Battle Begins
Attack and Counter-attack
The Prussians Approach
The Great Cavalry Attacks
The Prussians Tip the Balance
The Defeat of Napoleon
Grouchy and Thielemann
The North German Federal Army Corps
The Race to Paris
Grouchy and Vandamme
The Fate of France
The Advance to the Gates of Paris
The March South of Paris
The Fall of Paris
The Fortress War
Wellington and the Prussians
Waterloo - a German Victory


Losses of the Allied Forces, 15-19 June 1815
Who Marched Furthest and Fought Hardest, 15-19 June 1815?
The Race to Paris - Places and Distances, 19 June-4 July 1815
Orders of Battle
Glossary of Siege Warfare Terms

1815: The Waterloo Campaign - The German Victory is due for publication in the UK in October.

9 x 6" (240 x 159mm); 384 pages; 25 illustrations; 25 maps.
Hardback. ISBN: 1-85367-368-4. Price: £25.00. Available from:


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