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The Art Of War

By Antoine Henri de Jomini

Introduction By Charles Messenger

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The writings of Baron Antoine Henri de Jomini, who served on both the French and later the Allied side during the Napoleonic Wars, have remained one of the fundamental sources of military thinking up to the present day. A contemporary of Clausewitz, Jomini examined and analysed Napoleon's methods of warfare, and The Art Of War, his last book, not only achieved fame in its time but is still valid as an outstanding critical appraisal of warfare.

An excellent soldier as well as a man with great intellectual powers, Jomini was admirably placed to write with the authority of first-hand experience. In this, his greatest book, he divides The Art Of War into five branches - strategy, grand tactics, logistics, engineering and tactics - and also recognises the importance of a sixth: diplomacy in relation to war, a military consideration as well as a political one. After examining the various types of war, and the pitfalls attached to them, he continues with an expert analysis of strategic problems posed by different theatres and terrains, the tactics of attack and defence, surprise manoeuvres, special operations, the importance of reconnaissance and the deployment of military forces.

With its many references to particular Napoleonic campaigns as well as the general problems of certain military situations, The Art of War is a book both for Napoleonic enthusiasts and all those interested in war-gaming and the waging of war. More than 150 years since its first publication, Jomini's masterpiece still has lessons for the military planner today.


  • Major book on the art of war
  • The work that has influenced all modem military thinkers
  • By a man who fought for and against Napoleon
  • First paperback edition

Charles Messenger a major military historian, has written the Introduction to this edition. He places Jomini in context and highlights the aspects of his work that still have particular relevance today.

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