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A History of the Peninsular War

By Sir Charles Oman

Oman Volume Seven cover

Volume VII: August 1813 - April 14, 1814 The Capture of St. Sebastian, Wellington's Invasion of France, Battles of the Nivelle, the Nive, Orthez and Toulouse

By Sir Charles Oman


Sir Charles Oman's classic 7-volume History of the Peninsular War is one of the most important histories of the period ever written. The work of a brilliant historian and writer, it presents a large amount of detailed and valuable information in a very readable style.

Between August 1813 and the end of hostilities in April 1814, Napoleon's forces were finally expelled from the Iberian Peninsula. Wellington's army invaded southern France, only halting its operations when news was received of Napoleon's abdication.

The events covered in this volume include the British siege and capture of St. Sebastian; the final campaigning in eastern Spain; Wellington's invasion of France; and the last actions of the war in the Battle of Toulouse and the French sortie from Bayonne. A chapter on the place of the Peninsular War in history concludes Oman's monumental work.


Sir Charles Oman was one of Britain's greatest and most celebrated historians. He died in 1946.

February 1997 | ISBN 1-85367-227-0 | Price: £30.00/$59.95

Format: 222 x 141mm | Pages: 624

Features: 16 maps, 1 illustration

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