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The Napoleon Options

Alternate Decisions of the Napoleonic Wars

Edited by Jonathan North

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This compelling alternate history, brilliantly written by ten leading international authors, presents the great "maybes" of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. The Napoleon Options focuses on some of the pivotal episodes of those catastrophic wars, gives them a historical twist and explores in detail an alternate sequence of historical events. Rooted firmly in reality, and projected from entirely factual events, these dramatic possibilities are played out as though they actually happened in vivid and dramatic narratives.

As the Napoleonic conflict had such an impact on the formation of the modern world, these captivating scenarios colourfully illustrate how alternate events might well have shaped a radically different world. They graphically illustrate the role of chance in history and demonstrate the far-reaching consequences of minor changes upon the surging course of events.


    What if the French had invaded Ireland in 1796? by Paddy Griffith
    What if there had been no battle of the by Charles S. Grant
    What if the British had lost Vimiero, and Portugal, in 1808? by Philip Haythornthwaite
    What if the Austrians had attacked earlier in 1809? by John H. Gill (USA)
    What if the Russians had won at Borodino? by Digby Smith
    What if Napoleon’s invasion of Russia had been successful? by Jonathan North
    What if Napoleon had retaken Berlin in 1813? by John Gallaher (USA)
    What if Wellington had abandoned Quatre Bras on 16 June 1815? by Peter Hofschröer
    What if Napoleon had had more troops at Waterloo? by Andrew Uffindell
    What if the French had rallied after Waterloo? by John R. Elting (USA)


  • Contributions by leading military historians
  • Gripping narratives of ten alternate scenarios
  • A vital addition to this popular genre

F6 x 9in (240 x 159mm) | 208 pages; 5 maps, 30 illustrations

Hardback | ISBN 1-85367-388-9



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