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Napoleon's Elite Cavalry

Cavalry of the Imperial Guard, 1804­1815

Paintings by Lucien Rousselot

Text by Edward Ryan

Napoleon's Elite Cavalry cover


In a series of wonderful full colour plates, this superb book captures the spirit of the Imperial Guard cavalry, their role in the battles of the Empire, and conveys the glory of soldiers of a military era surpassing the splendour of any other.

The Imperial Guard was a prestigious formation held in awe by friend and foe alike. Hand-picked, lavishly uniformed and equipped, showered with honours and prestige, the Guard was a superb instrument of war and the cavalry of the Guard, above all, stood out as an elite within an elite.

This beautiful new book brings together for the very first time ninety-one colour plates by the celebrated artist Lucien Rousselot illustrating the Dragoon (13 plates), Chasseur (27 plates), Polish Lancer (25 plates) and Grenadier (25 plates) regiments of the Imperial Guard cavalry in all their splendour, plus one vivid picture of Napoleon. Carefully researched from primary sources, and superbly executed by a renowned military artist, these paintings are of the very best of their type and are sought after by serious collectors. Accompanying texts provide information on the Guard regimentsı uniforms and battles, and an Introduction charts the origins and development of the Guard cavalry. This lavish and authoritative book is a beautiful and valuable addition to any library and a unique collectorsı piece.


  • A lavish, large format study of Napoleonıs guard cavalry
  • Ninety-one colour plates illustrating the cavalry on campaign and on parade
  • Supporting text detailing the men and uniforms of this elite of the elite


Lucien Rousselot was a Peintre de lıArmée and a recognised authority on the uniforms of the French Army. Edward Ryan is an expert on military art and the history of uniforms. The original paintings are held in the Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection, Rhode Island.

16 x 12in (360 x 255mm) | 208 pages; 91 full colour plates

Hardback | ISBN: 1-85367-371-4



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