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History of the Waterloo Campaign

By Captain W. Siborne


This famous account of the 1815 campaign is distinguished by its detailed information and clarity. From the landing of Napoleon in France on 26 February to the St Cloud Convention on 3 July, Siborne comprehensively records the strength, composition and distribution of the opposing armies. He covers every action from the opening cannonade of the French advance on Thuin, through the battles of Quatre Bras, Ligny, Waterloo and Wavre, to the investment of Paris and the final confrontation at Issy and Neuilly. The operations of the Allied armies that invaded France along her eastern and south-eastern frontiers until hostilities ceased in September 1815 are covered in a supplement.

Siborne's history of Waterloo is essential and gripping reading for all those who are interested in how this famous battle was fought and won.


  • Long-awaited reprint of a classic history

  • Publication coincides with the 180th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo


    "...It is THE work on the campaign of 1815, and should be on every enthusiast's bookshelf, as it is an important reference work...This book is essential reading for any student of the Waterloo campaign...contains an immense amount of information...Highly recommended." - Paul Chamberlain, Age of Napoleon


    Captain William Siborne became an ensign in the 9th Foot in 1813 and was sent to France in 1815 as part of a battalion to reinforce Wellington's army. In the 1840s he constructed two celebrated models of Waterloo, one of which is still on display at the National Army Museum, London.

    June 1995 | ISBN 1-85567-069-3 | Price: £25.00/$49.95

    Format: 222 x 141mm | Pages: 656

    Features: 28 illustrations


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