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On the Fields of Glory

The Battlefields of the 1815 Campaign

By Andrew Uffindell and Michael Corum

On the Fields of Glory cover


On the Fields of Glory provides a new, stimulating history and unique portrait of Waterloo, and an excellent guide to the battlefield and its associated sites. The authors have divided the battlefield of Waterloo into three sectors: one for each of the three armies. This allows the reader to to follow the fighting from three different perspectives and gain an objective understanding of the course of the battle. Vivid eyewitness accounts are used to describe events in each particular location.

The authors made use of many remarkable first-hand sources, including previously unpublished letters from William Siborne's vast collection. Other material, taken from the testimony of the Netherlands' chief of staff Constant-Rebecque, conclusively ends the long debate about the conduct of Wellington's Dutch-Belgian troops.

On the Fields of Glory brings the adventure of Waterloo to life and provides an enthralling, comprehensive and clear guide to the battles and battlefields.


  • New history of the Waterloo campaign
  • Guide to the battlefield
  • Eyewitness accounts that put you in the middle of the fighting


"...As compelling and absorbing an account of the fighting that I have ever read. One need be no battlefield buff to get into this book and to be won over by its pace and style." - The Journal of The Royal Artillery

"...This is a marvellous is a good read, even for a specialist in the field, who may not be familiar with all the monuments - and their histories - and can enjoy the illustrations and anecdotes... I applaud the efforts of Uffindell and Corum. They have given us a book which is scholarly enough, thorough, useful, and very entertaining." - Owen Connolly, International History Review

"...The text is exceptionally well detailed." - Military in Scale

"...Attractively produced, nicely illustrated and well sourced." - Dr Simon Trew, The Wish Stream, Journal of The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

"...Vivid eyewitness testimony...a highly recommended work." - Military Illustrated

"...Thoroughly entertaining...puts the reader in the middle of the fighting in the most entertaining, informative and readable way. The text is a number of excellent diagrams and maps. Well written and easy to read...the three principal parts on Waterloo itself are very well presented, different in approach, informative and entertaining." - John Cook, First Empire

"...Waterloo brought to life with a new history and eyewitness accounts." - Soldier Magazine


Andrew Uffindell is author of The Eagle's Last Triumph, an acclaimed history of the battle of Ligny. Michael Corum is an author and military historian living in Canada.

ISBN 1-85367-232-7 | Price: £25.00/$44.95

Format: 240 x 159mm | Hardback | Pages: 360

Features: 55 photographs, 23 diagrams, 32 maps


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