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On Wellington

The Duke and his Art of War

By Jac Weller

Edited by Andrew Uffindell

With a Preface by His Grace the Duke of Wellington

On Wellington cover


Jac Weller's famous trilogy Wellington in India, Wellington in the Peninsula and Wellington at Waterloo is internationally renowned. Now this new book presents a collection of sparkling, erudite and entertaining essays on Wellingtonšs generalship and military genius, and provides an excellent survey of the Dukešs art of war and the secrets of his success.

This collection of articles by a foremost and much loved authority on Wellington incorporates valuable insights from walking Wellington's battlefields over many years, and covers the key elements of the Duke's military achievements and qualities. Weller examines Wellington's mastery of logistics, his use of guerrillas in the Peninsular War, his system of intelligence, his skilful handling of the battle of Busaco, his tactics at Waterloo, and much more. Weller also considers how Wellington might have fared at Gettysburg.

This book conveys all the enthusiasm of the author for his subject, is a valuable addition to literature on Wellington, and will appeal to all who are interested in the Napoleonic Wars.


  • An incisive survey of Wellington's campaigns from India to Waterloo
  • Key aspects of Wellington's art of war
  • Jac Weller's articles published together for the first time


"A great book." - Journal of the Royal Artillery


Jac Weller was a distinguished American military historian and a leading authority on Wellington, the Duke's battlefields and on firearms of all periods. Andrew Uffindell is the author of two books on the Waterloo campaign: The Eagle's Last Triumph and, with Michael Corum, On the Fields of Glory.

September 1998 | ISBN 1-85367-334-X | Price: £19.99/$34.95

Format: 240 x 159mm | Hardback | Pages: 208

Features: 20 illustrations, 13 maps


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