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Wellington At Waterloo

By Jac Weller

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Now available for the first time in paperback is the best-selling, authoritative and accessible study of the epic confrontation at Waterloo. Wellington at Waterloo clearly charts every move and counter-move in this sweeping campaign, from Napoleonšs dramatic offensive and the opening battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras to the hard pounding at Waterloo itself.

Jac Weller, one of the most famous modern authors on Napoleonic military history, graphically brings to life the armies of the period, recreates the battles from the viewpoint of both Wellington and Napoleon and takes the reader with him onto the field of Waterloo for a guided tour of the major sights and key features of the terrain. Valuable both for the historian and the general reader, this classic of military history brings out the drama and tragedy of battle.


  • A classic account of the famous battle
  • A battlefield guide to the complete campaign
  • First paperback edition


Jac Weller was a distinguished authority on the Duke of Wellington and the author of Wellington in India and Wellington in the Peninsula. A collection of his essays, On Wellington, edited by Andrew Uffindell, is also available from Greenhill.

ISBN 1-85367-339-0 | Price: £12.95/$18.95

Format: 216 x 138mm | Pages: 320

Features: 58 b/w plates, 9 maps


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