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Forthcoming Books in 2004


The Greenhill Dictionary of Military Quotations
edited by Peter Tsouras
(Greenhill Military Paperbacks)                                       

A History of the Peninsular War
Volumes 1 and 2
by Sir Charles Oman
(Greenhill Military Paperbacks)                                       


Artillery of  the Napoleonic Wars
by Kevin Kiley                                                        

1815:  The Waterloo Campaign - the German Victory
by Peter Hofschroer
(Greenhill Military Paperbacks)                                       

Letters from the Battle of Waterloo:
Unpublished Correspondence by Allied Officers from the Siborne Papers
edited by Gareth Glover                                               

The Trafalgar Roll: the Ships and the Officers
by Colonel Robert Holden Mackenzie                                    


The Enemy at Trafalgar: Eyewitness Narratives, Dispatches and Letters from the French and Spanish Fleets
by Edward Fraser                                                         


The Social History of the Navy 1793-1815
by M. Lewis 


The History of the Peninsular War
Volumes 3 and 4
by Charles Oman
(Greenhill Military Paperbacks)                                

Welllington's Navy: Sea Power and the Peninsular War 1807-1814
by C. D. Hall 


The Fall of Napoleon's Empire: How Napoleon Defeated Napoleon
by Digby Smith

Feeding Nelson's Navy
by Janet Macdonald 

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