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Forthcoming Books in 2003

February 2003 (for the Napoleonic Fair)

Wellington Invades France: The Final Phase of the Peninsular War, 1813-1814     by Ian Robertson

Imperial Glory: Bulletins of Napoleon's Grande Armée                                           Edited by David Markham

May 2003

Charge! Great Cavalry Charges of the Napoleonic Wars
by Digby Smith

June 2003

A new Greenhill Military Paperback:

Adventures with the Connaught Rangers
by Edward Grattan

August 2003

Napoleon's Shield and Guardian: The Unconquerable General Pierre Daumesnil
by Edward Ryan                                                        

At the end of the year we hope to publish

March of Death: General John Moore and the Retreat to Corunna, 1809
by Chris Summerville                                                  

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