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Wellington's Army: Uniforms of the British Soldier, 1812­1815

Plates by Charles Hamilton Smith
Text by Philip Haythornthwaite

A companion volume to Napoleon's Elite Cavalry

Charles Hamilton Smith's illustrations of soldiers of the British Army are a faithful and delightful record of how Wellington's troops were uniformed and equipped. Wellington's Army presents a collection of these sought after plates in a special, large format and provides a superb evocation of British military uniforms during the closing years of the Peninsular War
and at the epic battle of Waterloo.

The plates, drawn from life and completed in 1814, cover all the branches of service including line infantry; light infantry and rifles; heavy and
light cavalry; general officers; foreign troops; artillery and engineers; and cadets and veterans. Each plate is accompanied by an incisive text by the leading expert on Wellington's troops ­ Philip Haythornthwaite ­ which discusses the unit in question, the uniform and its significant features.
Wellington's Army also includes an extensive introduction analysing the evolution of the British Army of the period and examining the colourful
life of Charles Hamilton Smith.

Key Points

-- British military uniforms of the Peninsular War and Waterloo
-- Superb plates with detailed commentary
-- In the same format as the successful Napoleon's Elite Cavalry

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Wellington's Army

Author Notes

Charles Hamilton Smith (1776­1859) was an artist, illustrator, soldier and spy. He worked on his Costume of the Army of the British Empire, from which these plates are reproduced, between 1812 and 1814. Philip Haythornthwaite is a respected authority on the British Army of the Napoleonic period, and the author of, among others, The Napoleonic Source Book, The Armies of Wellington and a new Introduction to In the Words of Napoleon.



The Life & Work of Charles Hamilton Smith.
The Artist and His Work
Hamilton Smith's Army
The Uniforms of 1812­1815

The Plates

Staff Officers

1. Full Dress Uniform of a Field Marshal
2. Uniform of a Lieutenant General of Cavalry
3. Major General of Infantry
4. Staff of the Army: Quarter Master General & Assistant Quarter Master General


5. An Aid de Camp & Brigade Major of Cavalry
6. An Officer of the 2nd Regiment of Life Guards in Full Dress
7. First Regiment of the Life Guards: New Uniform
8. Royal Horse Guards or 'Blues'
9. Private of the 1st or King's Dragoon Guards
10. Private of the 2nd or Royal North British Dragoons, or 'Greys'
11. Private of the 3rd or King's Own Dragoons
12. Uniform of a Major General of Light Dragoons
13. Private of the 7th or Queen's Own Light Dragoons
14. Officer of the IXth Light Dragoons in Review Order
15. Corporal of the 10th or Prince of Wales's Own Royal Hussars in Review Order
16. Private of the 13th Light Dragoons
17. Lt. Col. of the 14th Light Dragoons in Parade Dress
18. Private of the XVth or King's Light Dragoons (Hussars)
19. Private of the 18th Light Dragoons (Hussars)
20. Light Dragoons Serving in the East Indies, 24th, 8th, 22nd
21. Heavy & Light Cavalry, in Watering Order
22. Heavy & Light Cavalry, Cloaked
23. Facings: British Cavalry


24. Officer of the Guards in Full Dress
25. Grenadiers of the Foot Guards in Full Dress
26. Soldiers of the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards, in Marching Order
27. Privates of the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards, on service
28. Infantry Officer, in Marching Order
29. Battalion Infantry, 6th or 1st Warwickshire Regiment, 23rd or Royal
Welsh Fusiliers
30. IXth or E. Norfolk Regiment of Infantry: an Ensign bearing the Regimental  Colours & a Colour Sergeant on Service
31. Grenadiers & Light Infantry of the 29th or Worcestershire Regiment of Infantry on Duty at Home
32. Grenadiers of the XLIInd or Royal, and XCIInd, or Gordon Highlanders
33. Officer & Private of the 52nd Regiment of Light Infantry
34. British Riflemen: 60th & 95th Regiments
35. Sergeant and Privates of the 87th or Prince of Wales's Own Irish
Regiment on Service
36. Drum Major of a Regiment of the Line & a Pioneer of the Grenadier
Company of Do
37. Facings: British Infantry of the Line, beginning with Foot Guards
38. Facings: Infantry of the 73rd &c


39. Royal Artillery
40. Royal Horse Artillery
41. Royal Artillery, Mounted Rockett (sic) Corps
42. Royal Artillery Drivers

Engineers and Transport

43. Field Officer of the Royal Engineers, and a Private Sapper
44. Cavalry Staff Corps
45. Officer, Private & Driver of the Royal Wagon Train

Foreign Regiments and Milita of Great Britain and Ireland

46. Private of the 5th West India Regiment
47. 3rd Hussars, Infantry & Light Infantry, King's German Legion
48. York Light Infantry Volunteers: Serjeant in Morning Parade Dress,
Private on Duty
49. Privates of the Greek Light Infantry Regiment
50. Hussars and Infantry of the Duke of Brunswick's Oels's Corps
51. Facings: Foreign Corps, King's German Legion &c
52. Facings: Militia of Great Britain & Ireland

Royal Marines, Cadets and Other British Subjects

53. Private of the Royal Marines
54. Cadets of the Royal Military College at Sandhurst, Junior Department
55. Children of the Royal Military Asylum, Chelsea
56. Chelsea Pensioners, Cavalry & Infantry

East India Company

57. Native Troops, East India Company's Service: Body Guard of the Governor General, Bengal Regular Cavalry, Java Volunteers
58. Native Troops, East India Company's Service: Serjeant of Light
Infantry, and Private of Madrass (sic) Sepoys
59. Native Troops, East India Company's Service: Serjeant and Private
Grenadier Sepoy of the Bengal Army
60. Facings: Honourable United East India Company's Regular Army

Appendix: The Regiments of Wellington's Army


To be published shortly.

16 x 12in (360 x 255mm); 176 pages; 60 full colour plates;
Price: 40.00.

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