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La Batterie des Hommes sans Peur 2006

Although we are all volunteers, we do have quite a few expenses every year to stay operational. The Napoleon Series relies heavily on the financial generosity of its readers to pay its bills. In order to show our appreciation of those who provide support, we have created an honor roll to be known as "La Batterie des Hommes sans Peur". If you wish to make a contribution and join "La Batterie", please contact me. No contribution is too small!

Robert Burnham

La Batterie des Hommes sans Peur 2006 consist of the following individuals:

Lionel and Michael Leventhal
Charles Adametz
Fausto Berutti
Scott Bowden
Tony Broughton
Joao Centeno
Paul Charnley
Dominique Content
Terry Doherty
Robert Goetz
Greg Gorsuch
Donald Graves
John Grodzinski
Ian Hedgcock
Donald Hickey
Tom Holmberg
Daryl Hosking
Susan Howard
Adrian Hussey
Norm Jutras
Rod MacArthur
David Markham
David McCracken
Alexander Mikaberidze
Howie Muir
Rory Muir
Bruno Nackaerts
Rafael Pardo
Vic Powell
Giorgio Rota
Digby Smith
Markus Stein
David Tibbetts
Benjamin Townsend
John Wladis





Placed on the Napoleon Series: January 2007

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