A Call for Papers -- HISTORICON 2009

HISTORICON, "Historical Miniature Gaming's Biggest Summer Vacation" - www.historicon.org - invites military historians to present papers at the 25th anniversary convention of 16-19 July 2009.  The theme of this convention is “Napoleon’s 1809 Austrian Campaign and the Spanish Ulcer (Peninsular War, 1807-14).” 

HISTORICON has a great Military Seminar Series which welcomes papers on all aspects of Napoleon and his contemporaries in 1809 - or - any other period of military history, from Ancients to Modern.   Seminar participants are very interested in your take on a specific battle, tactical systems, army organization, the development and deployment of weapons, or military biography.  Past presenters include military professionals, academics, government policy makers, and part-time historians (see the following link for the 2007 Military Seminar Series, as an example - http://www.historicon.org/HIST2008/files/PEL_Military_Seminar_Series.pdf.

Papers, with time for questions and answers, should be no longer than an hour.  PowerPoint shows work very well, but note - as cool as they are - we cannot support Macs (IBM only).

If your paper is selected for presentation at HISTORICON 2009, you will obtain a free pass (admission) to attend all convention events (a $35 value). If you have not previously attended HISTORICON, or never considered historical miniature war games as a hobby, you will probably find the convention intriguing.  Lancaster, PA hotels within 5-10 minutes of HISTORICON can be found for under $100, while the United States Army Heritage and Educational Center is within an hour drive, and bound to provide you with interesting research material.

Paper proposals considered until 30 January 2009.  For more information, contact John Dunn, History, Valdosta State University, Valdosta GA, 31698-0035, or jdunn@valdosta.edu.

[Note: HISTORICON is run by the Historical Miniature Gaming Society - HMGS East chapter (HMGS East), a non-profit educational (501c3) organization. See www.hmgs.org for more information about HMGS East.]


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