The 12th Anniversary of the Napoleon Series Celebration!

Ladies and Gentlemen: a Challenge!

In honor of the 12th Anniversary of the founding of the Napoleon Series we offer a competition organized around several pictures. Members are invited to write a humorous captions for any or all of the pictures below.

The Winners!

Most Humorous: Kevin Pryor (Picture #2)

Honorable Mention: Paul Charnley (Picture #4)

Prizes: Both Kevin and Paul will receive a copy of Don Graves' "Reading Maketh a Full Man, an annotated bibliography of the military books produced by the British firm of Thomas Egerton, 1792 to 1831. This book is joint publishing venture between the Napoleon Series and Ken Trotman.

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Image 1
Image 2
Best Caption Image 1: "Demandez-leur le coporal quand etait la derniere fois ou ils ont eu une lecon sur des commandes de bugle? L'order doit avancer!" Paul Charnley

Runner-up: "Can he only play music to Bourbon Street Blues?" Ron McGuigan
  Best Caption Image 2: "Thanks to Berthier for pimping my ride." Bryson Crowe

Runner-up: Ladies and Gentlemen! For his next stunt, the Great Bonaparte will jump over the Alps and Three Austrian Corps all to win the hand of the fair Marie Louise! Grande Armee are you ready to RUMBLE!!! Kevin Pryor
Image 3
Image 4
Best Overall Best Caption!! Some historians have wondered how history would have been different if their roles had been reversed and Napoleon had entered the priesthood while Joseph joined the army. Kevin Pryor

Runner-up: And they said they were the Little Sisters of Mercy! Martin Read
  Overall Honorable Mention: "Now we go to our outside correspondent Bone E. Parte on the scene at Almeida, Bone how are the locals reacting to the explosion?" Paul Charnley

Runner-up: The album cover of the Emperor's 5th album, "Berlin: ecrassez l'infame!" It was recorded in July 1813 for an August release.  Napoleon hoped the record would boost French morale following the disappointing sales of his 4th album, "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir, Russie," released in June 1812. Unfortunately, production problems delayed the release until late October 1813 when it was decided that the explosion would remind too many of the "accident" on the Elster. Furthermore, the popularity of Imperial music was successfully challenged that November, when Metternich produced his first recording in Frankfurt, "Ich lieb mir, Ich lieb mir nich." Rick Schneid
Image 5
Image 6
Best Caption Image 5: "As you can see, it's time to organize a serious and solid waste management with recycling services." Enrico Acerbi

Runner-up: And when he turns the electro-magnet off, it all returns to earth! Vik Winston
  Best Caption Image 6: I've heard of 'diplomacy by other means, but this is ridiculous. Martin Read

Runner-up: At Vienna, both Alexander and Metternich came up with creative ways to deal with Bernadotte. Kevin Pryor


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Thanks to all who entered the contest!

Caroline Miley and Bob Burnham