The 13th Anniversary of the Napoleon Series Celebration!

Ladies and Gentlemen: a Challenge!

In honor of the 13th Anniversary of the founding of the Napoleon Series we offer a competition organized around several pictures. Members are invited to write a humorous captions for any or all of the pictures below.

The Winners!

Most Humorous: Jeff Lewis (Picture #6)

Honorable Mention: Tim Mahon (Picture #4)

Prizes: Both Kevin and Paul will receive a copy of Don Graves' "Reading Maketh a Full Man, an annotated bibliography of the military books produced by the British firm of Thomas Egerton, 1792 to 1831. This book is joint publishing venture between the Napoleon Series and Ken Trotman.



Image 1
Image 2

Best Caption Image # 1:
If missing the ferry was not bad enough the bird poo was the final straw Portsmouth NS

Dive-bombing by British seagulls was the final insult! Susan Howard

Here I sit broken hearted, joined the army to see the world and they send me back to Corsica! Ron McGuigan

Best Caption Image # 2 and Overall Honorable Mention:
“Eh bien! C'est un pour l'argent,
Deux pour le spectacle,
Trois pour se faire prêt
Et va, mec, va
Mais ne marchez pas sur mes chaussures en daim bleu...” Tim Mahon

Napoleon always danced to the sound of his own music Ron McGuigan

There are a select few statues that commemorate Napoleon as the inventor of the Safety Dance  Kevin Pryor





Best Caption Image #3:

The wine tasting tour of Russia was not Roustan's best idea. PNS

“Starbucks you say... This could be the start of something great.” Vik Winston

“Why can’t he just use a travel mug like everyone else?” Ron McGuigan


Best Caption Image # 4:

“No Carruthers, there was no significant German presence. Otherwise it would have been called WasserKlo, and a subject of derision instead of high minded debate.” Jeff Lewis

“I will be here, mon Général, ... so please do not begin the charge from the third rank” Enrico Acerbi

“Gentlemen, as you can see here, this is how future historians will remember this battle. Now I want you all to make sure you file contradictory reports about your positions and the time you engaged the enemy. It is absolutely imperative that none of your after-action reports exactly follow this map- just leave enough clues so that it appears your unit MIGHT have been here." Kevin Pryor


Best Caption Image #5:

Napoleon began to suspect his easy conquest of Transylvania was not such a win-win situation after all. Jeff Lewis

"Twilight- Napoleon": A new publication for young girls interested in the Napoleonic Era Kevin Pryor


Best Caption Image #6 and Overall Winner of the Contest:

The emigrés only now realised they had made a fatal spelling mistake when calling on those loyal to the Flea de Lys. Jeff Lewis

“When I yelled 'flea' I didn't mean 'retreat.!”Vik Winston

“Come on, we will not be the lesser of two weevils!! “ PNS

“I thought we were invading a St. Bernard? I don’t see a Great St. Bernard, just mountains?” Ron McGuigan



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Thanks to all who entered the contest!

Caroline Miley and Bob Burnham