2016 Napoleon Series Writing Contest


Best Publication and/or Translation into English of New Archival Material or Books Long Out of Print:

Fighting with and against Napoleon: The Memoirs of Jan Willem van Wetering

Waterloo Memoir of P.P. Roorda van Eysinga

The Autobiography of J.C.F. Koch.

A Memoir of the Cossacks in the Netherlands, 22-24 November 1813

Best Military Paper:

‘A Desperate Combat’: The French Defence of Plancenoit

All Bound For Lisbon: British Army Movements to and from the Peninsula, 1808 to 1814

An Army Marches on Its Stomach?

British Artillery Companies and the Men Who Led Them – 1793 To 1815

The British Mounted Arm and Domestic Horse Trade 1814-1818: Cast offs and Reductions

Home Guard: the Forces to Meet the Expected French Invasions: 1 September 1805

The New Orleans Class Ships of the Line: A Design and Construction History

Notes on Wellington’s Cavalry in the Peninsula

‘Too soon by an hour’: The failure of the French Reserve Cavalry at Waterloo

The U.S. Frigate General Pike: a Design and Operational History

Wilkinson's Invasion Flotilla of 1813

Best Social, Economic, Political, Cultural, Biographical, or Scientific Paper:

Colonels of Napoleon

The Female Artist in the Ancien Regime versus the Napoleonic Regime: Different Systems of State Sponsorship?

Marking Waterloo

Verona 1796-1797: Popular Rejection and Subtractive Curtailments of Monetary Economics in the Chronicled Memorial of Valentino Alberti