2017 Napoleon Series Writing Contest


Best Publication and/or Translation into English of New Archival Material or Books Long Out of Print:

The Bailen Enquiry

Volume III of The Campaign of 1814

Best Military Paper:

British Artillery Companies and the Men Who Led Them – 1793 To 1815

Fops under Fire: British Drum-Majors in Action during the Napoleonic Wars

Conscript Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard

Uniforms of the Jerome Napoleon Hussars

Getting Lost and Finding the Way: the Use, Misuse and Non-use of Maps and Reconnaissance for Route Planning in the Peninsular War (1807 – 1814)

Pirates and Robbers: American Privateers on the St. Lawrence River: An Operational History by Gary M. Gibson

French 12th Hussars from 1813 - 1814

British Cavalry Regiments and the Men Who Led Them 1793-1815

A List of Anglo-American War of 1812 Land Battles, Actions, and Engagements; Naval and Maritime Actions and those Engagements involving Civilians, Native Peoples and Non-Combatants

Flanquer-Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard

Best Social, Economic, Political, Cultural, Biographical, or Scientific Paper:

Lieutenant Hawksworth and the Magnet Affair

Expectations and Resentment: the Roots of Napoleon Bonaparte’s Ambition and Success

Tecumseh: Fact and Fiction

Napoleon's Nobles

A Conjugal Familiarity: Historic Asymmetries and Social Plan during the 1808 Portuguese Campaign

The Girl of Kismegyer at the Battle of Raab

Daniel D. Tompkins, War Governor