The Napoleon Series Writing Contest

Past Winners!

The Napoleon Series holds an annual writing contest to recognize the best papers it has published in the previoous year. Many of the winners have gone on to write books and to teach Napoleonic history at universities. Prior to 2009 the Writing Contest ran from January - September of the year. Beginning in 2009 we ran the contest for all papers submitted during the year. From that point on the papers were judged in the following year. So from 2010 on the annual writing contest was for the best papers written in the previous year. For example the 2010 Writing Contest judged the papers written in 2009, the 2011 Contest was for papers submitted in 2010, etc. The winning papers can be seen by clicking on the links below.

The 2001 Winners

The 2002 Winners

The 2003 Winners

The 2004 Winners

The 2005 Winners

The 2006 Winners

The 2007 Winners

The 2008 Winners

The 2010 Winners

The 2011 Winners

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