Napoleon Series - Ken Trotman Joint Publishing Venture


The End of the Napoleon Series - Ken Trotman Joint Publishing Venture

By Donald E. Graves

By mutual agreement the joint publishing venture between Ken Trotman Ltd. and the Napoleon Series will come to an end with the publication shortly of the fourth and final title in the series. From the point of view of Trotman the titles were not selling well enough and from the point of view of the Napoleon Series, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find titles that were not already available in digital form.

During its existence, this joint venture produced four books edited for publication by acknowledged experts who provided lengthy introductions that set each title in its place and time. The first three are in print and available from Trotman while the fourth will shortly see publication. The series consisted of the following:

1. Donald E. Graves, editor

"Reading Maketh a Full Man": British Military Literature in the Napoleonic Wars: An Annotated Bibliography of the Military Titles Published by the London Firm of Egerton, 1783-1832

2. Howie Muir, editor

Memoir of Field-Marshal Sir Hew Dalrymple Ross, G.C.B., Royal Horse Artillery

A facsimile of the rare 1871 publication with an extensive introduction by Muir that discusses the origins of horse artillery in British service. Ross served in the Peninsula from 1809 to 1813.

3. John A. Houlding, editor

David Roberts, Military Instructions Including Each Particular Motion of the Manual and Platoon Exercises 1798

This is a facsimile of the original with 23 beautifully engraved plates by the well-known artist, Robert Ker Porter, which were clearly sketched from life and are so vibrant that they might have been done yesterday. A delight for figure collectors and re-enactors, this fine manual contains a useful introduction by an acknowledged authority on British drill manuals.

4. Ron McGuigan, editor

Thomas Dickson Reide, The Staff Officer's Manual

A facsimile of this 1806 which contains much information not found elsewhere about the functions of regimental and brigade staff.      




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