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Napoleonic Scholarship: Volume 1, Number 1, April 1997

Message From The President

Message From The Editor


Chandler, David
Napoleon and Death

Clubbe, John
Between Emperor and Exile: Byron and Napoleon 1814-1816

Eidahl, Kyle
Marshal Nicolas Charles Oudinot "Le Bayard de l'armée français"

Gallaher, John
Davout and Napoleon: A Study of Their Personal Relationship

Horward, Donald D.
André Masséna, Prince d'Essling, in the Age of Revolution (1789-1815)

Markham, J. David
Following in the Footsteps of Glory: Stendhal's Napoleonic Career

Troubetzkoy, Greg. Translation of Original Document
Prelude to Eylau: Benningsen's Report to the Czar

Troubetzkoy, Greg. Translation and Introduction
The Battle of Eylau (February 7-8, 1807) from Denis Davidov's Memoirs

Weider, Ben
The Assassination of Napoleon

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