INS: Journal Of Napoleonic Scholarship 1997

Message from the Editor

J. David Markham

This journal is dedicated to bringing together important Napoleonic scholarship from around the world and making it available to scholars, history departments, and libraries worldwide. In selecting the papers for this most important first issue, we wanted to set the stage for the future by establishing not only high standards of scholarship, but also by providing something that may not normally be found in other scholarly journals. We believe, and hope you agree, that we have succeeded.

One of the relatively unusual aspects of this journal is the extensive use of graphics. We believe and hope these will be a useful addition to our articles. Another is the inclusion of a significant translation of an important Russian memoir and a related document. There are many important documents that need to be translated into English; this is especially true for those from Eastern Europe and Russia, whose languages are not commonly read by western scholars. In future issues, we may also include translations of articles published in some non-western historical journals, and hope to arrange for some reciprocation in the future.

Producing "the first" of anything is always exciting, and that has certainly been true for your editor-in-chief with this first issue of Napoleonic Scholarship. Thanks go to our scholars for their contributions and, especially, Don Horward for his invaluable advice and support. And most of all, many thanks go to Ben Weider for making this all possible, and for giving me the opportunity to make my contribution.

J. David Markham, MA, MEd

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