INS: Journal Of Napoleonic Scholarship 1997

Guidelines for Contributors


  1. Papers should be approximately 5000 words, and should include photographs, maps, charts, etc.
  2. Papers must be in English. To provide for consistency, please use American rather than British, spellings. Use English rather than French or other languages whenever possible (e.g., Old Regime, nobility). If a French or other language term is necessary, please provide an English translation in brackets or parenthesis immediately thereafter.
  3. All papers should be submitted in two forms.

    • A printed copy on smooth paper using black ribbon or printer. Do not use carbon copies, "erasable" or "correctable" paper. This paper should be double spaced, including blockquotes and notes, and have one inch margins all around. Please be sure to maintain a copy of your paper, as the copy you send us will not be returned.
    • Every paper should be submitted on a standard 3.5 inch computer disk using either Microsoft Word 5.x or 6.x or WordPerfect 5.x or higher. You may submit in either Macintosh or Windows formats. Please clearly label your disk with the software and format used.

    If you wish maps, graphs, charts, art, or other visual material to appear with your paper, please arrange to scan it onto your disk, or provide it to us to scan. Please be sure to clearly indicate where such material should appear in your paper. You must provide information as to the source of any non-original graphic material, and provide any necessary copyright releases.

    Papers not submitted in accordance with this requirement will not be considered for publication.

  4. Style: The Chicago Manual of Style (14th Edition) should be followed. Please observe carefully the following instructions:

    • Use end notes rather than footnotes.
    • Do not use Latin terms such as "op. Cit." Or "loc. Cit." Use abbreviated references instead. If additional references are in sequence, you may use "ibid." Avoid "f" and "ff" and other unusual abbreviations.
    • Do not underline Latin abbreviations.
    • Dates should include day, month, and year (15 August 1769).
    • Omit publisher's name and "p" or "pp" unless absolutely necessary. Designate volume numbers with Roman Numerals. Italicize, rather than underline, book titles.

  5. Prior to final acceptance for publication, the author must have provided a completed copyright release form to the Editor-in-Chief. For preciously published papers, a release from the original journal of publication must be provided.

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