INS: Journal Of Napoleonic Scholarship 1997

Message from the President

Ben Weider

I am pleased to welcome you to the first issue of our International Napoleonic Society Journal, Napoleonic Scholarship. As the name implies, the journal, and our society, is designed to promote the serious study of Napoleon Bonaparte and his times.

To this end, we seek to bring together all of the leading minds in the field, and give them additional opportunity for research and recognition for their work. Thus, we have provided scholarships for students, cash awards for papers and books, the Legion of Merit for outstanding contributions to the field, and, perhaps most importantly, this journal as an outlet for some of their work. In the future, we will also sponsor international Napoleonic congresses which will literally bring our scholars together.

Our society has become the foremost organization in the world dedicated to Napoleonic scholarship, with members and committees in some fifteen countries. This journal is an important element of that effort. I thank all of the scholars who have made their important contributions, and encourage others to contribute in the future. I also thank David Markham for the tremendous, and successful, effort he has made to produce this Journal.

Napoleonic scholars may become Fellows upon recommendation of other members, or upon their own application. If you or anyone you know would like to be considered for fellowship, please write our office and provide a brief resumé.

This Journal marks the first major effort of the International Napoleonic Society, and there will be many more to come. We look forward to your help and support in our future efforts.

Ben Weider, CM, PhD.

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