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Beaucour Fernand Beaucour is the director of the Centre d'Études Napoléoniennes in Paris. He publishes the journal Etudes Napoléoniennes. Beaucour has a doctorate in history as well as a degree in law. He has published numerous books and articles, and has worked to establish various monuments to the memory of Napoleon. In addition to those activities, he is professor of history at the University of Kaliningrad in Russia, and at the University of Minsk in Belorussia.

Brier Bob Brier is professor of philosophy at the C. W. Post campus of Long Island University. He has written numerous books and articles about Egypt including The Glory of Ancient Egypt, a work about the Description de l'Egypte. He is currently working on a television documentary on Napoleonšs Egyptian campaign.

Byrd Melanie Byrd is a Associate Professor of history at Valdosta State University in Georgia. She specializes in European history and teaches courses on Revolutionary and Napoleonic Europe, Modern France, 19th Century Europe and a graduate seminar in European History, among others. She received her Ph.D. from Florida State University where her dissertation was The Napoleonic Institute of Egypt. Her articles are published in numerous journals including the Proceedings of the Consortium on Revolutionary Europe, the Journal of Slavic Military Studies, and the Journal of the Crimean War Research Society, as well as the Historic Dictionary of Napoleonic France.

Chrisawn Margaret Chrisawn received her Ph.D. at Florida State University in 1994 under the direction of Dr. Donald D. Horward. She has published numerous articles, and specializes in the career of Marshal Jean Lannes.
Clubbe John Clubbe teaches English at the University of Kentucky, and has published numerous articles on Byron, two shorts books, and the standard interpretive bibliographical study. He has chaired the American Byron Society since 1975 and since 1986 has served as Joint President of the International Byron Society.

Dague Everett Dague (BA, MA, ABD) took his Master's degree under Owen Connelly at the University of South Carolina. He received a Napoleonic Fellowship from the Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution, and is working on Napoleon's Ministry of War for his dissertation, under Professor Donald D. Horward. In addition to the INS Graduate Literary Award, he won the Florida State University 1996 J. Leitch Wright Award for Excellence in Research.

Elmer Bob Elmer FINS, has been the editor of the Journal of the Association of Friends of the Waterloo Committee since 1993. He has written for the Bulletin of the Napoleonic Society of America, the Gazette of the Napoleonic Alliance, and the Communique of the Australian Napoleonic Society. He edited the recent publication of the memoirs of Lieutenant Frederick Patterson, and is currently co-operating on translations of an unusual eyewitness account of Waterloo by a French Royalist, and on the memoirs of Wolfe Tone. Elmer is preparing a register of memorials of Napoleonic, Peninsular and Waterloovian people and events. Born in England, but having lived for long periods in Russia, France and Germany, Bob has now settled in Australia.


Elena Fedosova is a professor of history at Moscow State University where she specializes in nineteenth century France and Europe. She has published a book, The Polish Projects of Napoleon I, and numerous articles on Napoleonic history.


Herb Feinberg graduated from the University of Richmond with a major in chemistry and history. He has continued his graduate studies in history and archaeology at New York University, where he studied under Leon Gershoy; Columbia, where he studied with Allan Nevins, Henry Steele Commager, and Dumas Malone; and the New School under Bob Brier.

George Christopher T. George is the Editor of the Journal of the War of 1812 and the Era 1800 to 1840, published by the War of 1812 Consortium, Inc. A member of the Society for Military History and the Council on America's Military past, he has published numerous articles on military and cultural historical topics.

Gichon Mordechai Gichon is a scholar in both archaeology and history. He has served as senior archaeologist at Tel Aviv University, and for twenty-five years he has supervised excavations of Roman military sites. Since 1990 he has concentrated on Napoleonic studies, and is a leading authority on Napoleon's campaign in the Middle East. Mordechai has published four books and some 150 articles. In 1996 he founded the Israeli Society for the Study of Napoleon and His Times, and currently serves as its Director.

Hofschröer Peter Hofschröer is Managing Director of the German office of Interactive Magic, a publisher of high quality computer games. A qualified historian and linguist, he has written extensively on the Napoleonic Wars for years, particularly on the Prussian army. His most recent book is 1815: The Waterloo Campaign (Greenhill, 1998).

Tugan-Baranovsky Djuchy M. Tugan-Baranovsky is Professor of History and chair of the department of Modern and Contemporary History at Volgograd State University in Russia. He received his Ph.D. from Moscow State University. Professor Tugan-Baranovsky has written three books on Napoleon: Napoleon and the Republicans (1980), The Origin of Napoleon's Regime (1986), and Napoleon and Power (1993). He has also written some 33 articles and monographs on various Napoleonic topics.

Weider Ben Weider is President of the International Napoleonic Society, which he founded. His research on the final days of Napoleon, presented most recently in his book Assassination at St. Helena Revisited, has presented strong evidence that Napoleon was poisoned while in exile. Weider, who is a former Nobel Peace Prize nominee, has provided generous financial support for a number of Napoleonic activities and scholarships, including the funding of the INS. In 1998 he donated over a million dollars to underwrite faculty positions and scholarships at The Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution.

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