Smoothbore Ordnance Journal Issue 6

Welcome to the sixth issue of the Smoothbore Ordnance Journal published by Ken Trotman Ltd in association with the Napoleon-Series. The importance of the technical subjects of ordnance, science and engineering has been shown over the years by discussion on the Napoleon Series Forum and elsewhere. It is hoped that the journal will make such discussion more informed and productive. Contributions of translations and academic papers are welcome on subjects connected to artillery, logistics, small-arms, tactics or military engineering in the 18th to 19th century.

This issue has four themes.

Theme One: Prussian 18th Century Artillery

Section 1 Bleckwenn on Prussian 7YW Artillery

Translated by Digby Smith

SOJ-6 (01) Prussian Field Gun Models 1756-1762 in  Relation to General Tactics

SOJ-6 (02) Ranges of Chambered C18th Prussian Ordnance

SOJ-6 (03) The Mobilization of the Artillery in 1756

SOJ-6(04) Prussian Mobilisation from the Arsenals

Section 2 Prussian 18th Century Artillery

SOJ-6(05) Introduction to Prussian 18th Century Ordnance

by Christian Rogge

SOJ-6(06) Linger M1717 Ordnance

by Christian Rogge and Stephen Summerfield

SOJ-6(07) Prussian Carriage Design 1717-1800

by Christian Rogge

SOJ-6(08) Mid 18th Century Prussian Chambered Guns

by Christian Rogge and Stephen Summerfield

SOJ-6(09) M1744 Beauvrye 3-pdr Battalion Gun

by Christian Rogge and Stephen Summerfield

SOJ-6(10) Prussian 2-pdr Battalion Gun for the Stettin Militia

by Christian Rogge and Stephen Summerfield

Theme Two: Saxon and Piedmont Quick Fire Guns

Section 3: Saxon and Piedmont Quick Fire Guns

SOJ-6(11) Saxon Geschwindstück [“Quick Fire Guns”]

by Christian Rogge and Stephen Summerfield

SOJ-6(12) Piedmont 4-pdr “Cannone alla Sassone”

by Giovanni Cerino-Badone, Christian Rogge and Stephen Summerfield

SOJ-6(13) M1766 Quick-Fire Guns

by Stephen Summerfield

Theme Three: British Battalion Guns in the Netherlands, 1794

Section 4: Amusettes in the Netherlands, c1794

SOJ-6(14) Amusettes at Boxtel, 14 & 15 September 1794

by Garry Wills

SOJ-6(15) Amusettes at Boxtel, 14 & 15 September 1794

by Paul Demet

SOJ-6(16) ‘Dutch’guns from Prussia

by Drs. J.R. Verbeek

Section 5: British Battalion Guns

by Garry Wills

SOJ-6(17) British Battalion guns in the Netherlands in 1794

SOJ-6(18) British Battalion Guns in Action with the Duke of York, 1793-1795

SOJ-6(19) Major Jesse Wright and the Brigading of the Duke of York’s Battalion Guns

SOJ-6(20) British Battalion Guns in the Netherlands in 1793-5; Concluding Remarks, Appendices and Bibliography

SOJ6(21) Appendices; British Artillery in the Austrian Netherlands and the United Provinces, 1794; Returns and Muster Rolls.

Theme Four: Gunfounder’s Tricks

Section 6: 18th Century Gunfounding

By Drs. J.R. Verbeek

SOJ-6(22) ‘Screws’, or tricks of trade: secret repairs of solid cast cannon by Jan Verbruggen

SOJ-6(23) PROOF of ordnance from Adye (1813)


The editor wishes to thank Richard Brown of Ken Trotman Ltd, Christian Rogge, Norman Swales, and NGA Archive for permission to reproduce many of the illustrations. The comments and advice from John Cook, Gerard Cronin of Gringo40s, Donald Graves, David Hollins, Nick Lipscombe, David McCracken, Christian Rogge and Digby Smith have made this a pleasure to put journal together. The support of Robert Burnham of the Napoleon-Series, Patrick Ehresmann, Philip Magrath of the Royal Armouries at Fort Nelson, Steven H. Smith and Hans Karl Weiss for the Smoothbore Ordnance Journal from early beginnings has been greatly appreciated.

Dr Stephen Summerfield

Digby Smith
Chairman of the Editorial Board

10 March 2013