Smoothbore Ordnance Journal Issue


Dr. Stephen Summerfield,
Loughborough University

Chairman of the Editorial Board:

Digby Smith

Welcome to the seventh issue of the Smoothbore Ordnance Journal published by Ken Trotman Ltd in association with the Napoleon-Series. The importance of the technical subjects of ordnance, science and engineering has been shown over the years by discussion on the Napoleon Series Forum. It is hoped that the journal will make such discussion more informed and productive. Contributions of translations and academic papers are welcomed on subjects connected to artillery, firearms, military engineering or logistics in the 18th to mid 19th century.

The Journal Aim

The aim of the Journal is to provide a variety of translations, biographies, commentaries, documents and other material related to technical aspects of artillery and weapon systems of the 17th-19th century that has often been overlooked.

Section 1: Monhaupt’s ‘About the use of horse artillery’

The Prussian General Lieutenant von Monhaupt (1775-1835) wrote an in-depth thesis on horse artillery in about 1808 and included historical examples, about the use of horse artillery. When writing this thesis, Monhaupt had already sixteen years experience in the Prussian army, and had participated in several campaigns, not without distinction. As such, this thesis gives an interesting insight in the contemporary views about the horse artillery, and its use in battle, in relation to the other arms. Translated by Geert van Uythoven.

SOJ-07(01) Preface to Über den Gebrauch der reitenden Artillerie

SOJ-07 (02)  Introduction

SOJ-07 (03) I. Use of the horse artillery with the infantry

SOJ-07 (04) II. Use of the horse artillery with the cavalry

SOJ-07 (05) III. Use of the horse artillery with the foot artillery

SOJ-07 (06) IV. Use of artillery with combined arms, i.e. with the army

SOJ-07 (07) V. The use of horse artillery with detachments at outposts

SOJ-07(08) VI. The use of horse artillery at winter posts.

SOJ-07(09) VII. The use of horse artillery with sieges            35

SOJ-07(10) VIII. The use of horse artillery while undertaking the little war

SOJ-07(11) Biography of Ernst M. Mouhaupt (1775-1835)

Section 2: The British 6-Pdr as a Gun for the Horse Artillery

The British Light 6-pdr was extensively put through scientific tests and compared to the Prussian 6-pdr in 1822. They found the British Light 6-pdr to be a excellent piece for the horse artillery. Translated by Geert van Uythoven.

SOJ-07 (12) Prussian Tests of the British 6-pdr

SOJ-07 (13) Firing Roundshot from a British 6-pdr

SOJ-07 (14) Ricochet Shots (‘Rollschüsse’) of British 6-pdr

SOJ-07 (15) Canister (‘Kartätschschüsse’)

Section 3: Napoleonic Ordnance Weight and Range Tables

A collection of tables and information compiled and translated by Alexander Zhmodikov and Stephen Summerfield focussing upon Russian Artillery, the mobility of artillery and ranges.

SOJ-07 (16) Comparison of Horse Artillery Weights

SOJ-07 (17) Comparison of Foot Artillery Weights

SOJ-07(18): Windage of Austrian and Prussian Ordnance

SOJ-07(19): Russian Artillery 1812

SOJ-07(20) Russian M1805 projectiles and powder charge

SOJ-07(21) Russian M1805 Guns, Limbers and Caissons

Section 4: Prussian Napoleonic Artillery

A series of contemporary papers translated by Geert van Uythoven dealing with the use of howitzers and the use of heavy guns in Prussian service.

SOJ-07 (22) Deployment of Cavalry Commanded to Cover Artillery 91

SOJ-07 (23) About the Effect of Heavy Guns            93

SOJ-07 (24) About Prussian 12-Pdr and Howitzer Batteries  95

SOJ-07 (25) Artillery Overhead Fire   98

SOJ-07 (26) About the Tactical Proportion of Howitzers in Cannon Batteries          99


The editor wishes to thank Richard Brown of Ken Trotman Ltd, Norman Swales, the Trustees of the Royal Armouries and NGA Archive for permission to reproduce many of the illustrations. The comments and advice from John Cook, Gerard Cronin of Gringo40s, Donald Graves, David Hollins, Nick Lipscombe, David McCracken, Christian Rogge and Digby Smith have made this a pleasure to put journal together. The support of Robert Burnham of the Napoleon-Series, Graeme Cooper, Patrick Ehresmann, Philip Magrath of the Royal Armouries at Fort Nelson, Nic Robson of Eureka Miniatures, Steven H. Smith, Matthew Switlik and Hans Karl Weiss for the Smoothbore Ordnance Journal from early beginnings has been greatly appreciated.

Dr Stephen Summerfield

Digby Smith
Chairman of the Editorial Board

10 October 2014