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The War of 1812 Magazine

Issue 4: September 2006


From the Editor Editor John R. Grodzinski

“Three broadsides only were fired …”[1]

Remembering The Event That Sparked a War

Welcome to the fourth issue of the War of 1812 Magazine! I would like to thank everyone who has provided feedback and our contributors for providing the material presented thus far. Their work has provided the Magazine with excellent articles and a variety of interesting and informative features. I hope the future will bring more excellent work to our pages. We are also beginning to receive review copies of books, so a wider range of reviewers will also be presented in future issues.

This issue introduces new members to our Editorial Board, which brings together a unique international group of historians with interest in various aspects of the War of 1812  - military, naval, diplomatic, political, native peoples and social aspects. Carl Benn, Donald Hickey and Robert Malcomson are joined by Jane Errington, David Skaggs and J.C.A. Stagg. Their job will be to oversee the integrity of the Magazine and, from time to time, to contribute with editorials, articles and other features. Thank-you to the members of the Editorial Board for volunteering!

The year is also quickly coming to a close and within a very few months, it will be 2007, which in many ways can be considered as the bicentennial to the events that led directly to the outbreak of war between Great Britain and the United States. A number of important diplomatic and economic events occurred in 1807, adding kindling to diplomatic relations that were already smouldering. The Chesapeake-Leopard Affair of 22 June 1807 was the spark that started the fire, which grew out of control by 1812. In many ways then, the commemoration of the bicentennial of the War of 1812 begins in 2007. It is hoped the anniversary of this event and those that follow, will spark new interest and new scholarship dealing with the War of 1812


[1] Quoted in a report by Captain Salusbury Hunphreys of the Leopard on the action with the Chesapeake as quoted in William James, “Naval Occurrances of the War of 1812,” Conway, 2004, p. 34.


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