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Issue 6: April 2007

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Major-General Isaac Brock Collectible Figure


By John R. Grodzinski


Attention collectors! Canadian Legends, a company that produces collector figurines of notable Canadians has released a figure of Major-General Isaac Brock, British commander in

chief and lieutenant-governor of Upper Canada during 1811 and 1812. Brock proved an aggressive commander and was not afraid to take risks. During the summer of 1812, he ordered the British expedition against Mackinac and led the attack on Fort Detroit . He was killed during the battle of Queenston Heights on 13 October 1812, while leading a charge to retake the redan battery position from American forces. Brock has since achieved legendary status in Canada and is buried atop Queenston Heights in an impressive memorial that dominates the local skyline.


The figure is made of plastic and is approximately 15 cm tall. It depicts Brock in a striking pose. The only moving parts of the figure are the arms. It also comes with a base and a sword. A 20-page booklet written in English and French, describes Brock’s life, written from his perspective and aimed at grade school students. While the figure is not as impressive as the Canadian Legends website description as being “sculpted with an unbelievable level of skill and detail,” it is reasonably well done and at $19.99 Canadian, well priced, making it a nice collectable for any War of 1812 enthusiast.




More information and this and other figures is available at Canadian Legends



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