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The War of 1812 Magazine

Issue 6: April 2007


Update to “Scouts Re-Enact the War of 1812”


By John R. Grodzinski

An article in the last issue of this magazine reported on an annual gathering by American and Canadian Scouts, where they re-enact War of 1812 battles. Terry Honour, one of the Canadian leaders of this re-enactment, who also helps produce many of the weapons and equipment used by the Scouts, has provided this photo of a British 9 pdr gun that he and Max Toms are building for the group. The gun and carriage are complete made out of wood and is scaled at 80% of the original size. The image shows Terry Honour resting by the piece in the shop they are using to make it. Not bad work at all!

We hope to provide a further update in the near future.


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