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The War of 1812 Magazine

Issue 6: April 2007


Edited by: John R. Grodzinski

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Table of Contents


Our Second Year of Publication by John R. Grodzinski


The Western Theatre in the War of 1812 by Sandy Antal

The Loyal and Patriotic Society of Upper Canada and Its Famous Medal By Carl Benn, PhD, Chief Curator, City of Toronto Museums and Heritage Services

The Duke of Wellington, the Peninsular War and the War of 1812 Part II: Reinforcements, Views of the War and Command in North America by John Grodzinski

Order of the Bath Stall Plates – An Underappreciated Napoleonic Collectable by Jay Medves

Military Heritage of the War of 1812: an Update on the Infantry Regiments of the British Army Compiled by Donald E. Graves


A readers’ section offering correspondence, inquiries and discussion on the War of 1812. The editors of the War of 1812 Magazine invite queries but please note that we cannot answer questions relating to genealogy. Those interested in such matters are directed to the many websites that specialize in this type of research. Please send your inquiries to the Editor

Documents, Artefacts and Imagery

A Painting by  George Jones, RA. of the Rescue of Captain John Wilson after the Battle of Chippawa by John R. Grodzinski

Reviews: Books, Film, Collectables and Ephemera

Major-General Isaac Brock Collectible Figure by John R. Grodzinski


Update to the Bisshopp Crypt at Lundy’s Lane

Update to “Scouts Re-Enact the War of 1812”



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