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Issue 7: September 2007


 An announcement from the United States National Parks Service that may be of interest to some of our readers….

National Park Service Grants Available for Battlefield Preservation Projects

September 15, 2007

The American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP) of the National Park Service in Washington, DC, has opened its 2008 grants competition.  The ABPP awards grants for preservation projects that lead to the permanent protection of endangered battlefield lands.  Projects that involve multiple stakeholders are given preference. 

Who May Apply?

Non-profit organizations, local, state, and Federal agencies, tribes, and educational institutions.

Target Resources 

Project areas must be on American soil and/or within U.S. territorial waters. 

1) Battlefields – Sites where armed conflict, fighting or warfare occurred. 

2) Associated Sites – Sites occupied before, during, or after a battle at which events occurred that had a direct influence on the tactical development of the battle or the outcome of the battle.

Eligible Project Types

Eligible project types include, but are not limited to, the following.

Site Identification and Documentation Projects

-  Historical research

-  Resource surveys and inventories

     -  Nominations to the National Register of Historic Places

-  GIS/GPS mapping

Planning and Consensus Building Projects

-  Acquisition, strategic, and preservation plans

-  Studies of land related to, or adjacent to, publicly owned and protected battlefield lands

-  Management, landscape, and stabilization plans

-  Interpretation plans

-  Preservation advocacy and consensus building within a community

Interpretation or Education Projects

-  Brochures stressing preservation

-  Interpretive programs stressing preservation techniques

-  Sign development and design

All project applications must clearly demonstrate that the proposed activity will contribute directly to the preservation of battlefield land or an associated site.  Grant funds may be used to procure professional services, equipment, and supplies necessary to conduct the proposed project. 

Matching Funds

None required, although applications that include matching funds and in-kind donations score higher.

Award Amounts

No minimum or maximum.  The average award amount is $32,300, although the ABPP has awarded grants of up to $117,000.

Application Deadline

January 18, 2008

A more complete description of grant requirements can be found in the ABPP 2008 application guidelines.  The 2008 guidelines and application form are available online at 

For more information about ABPP grants, or to receive paper copies of the guidelines and application, please contact Kristen McMasters, ABPP Grants Manager, at 202-354-2037 or Kristen McMasters    

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