Military Subjects:  War of 1812


The War of 1812 Magazine

Issue 8: February 2008


Edited by: John R. Grodzinski

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Table of Contents


Some Additions to Donald Hickey's List of "The Top 25 Books on the War of 1812" By Donald E. Graves

Smuggling and Contraband in the War of 1812 By Jon Latimer

The War of 1812 Revisited By Chris Wattie

"For want of this precaution ... so many Men lose their Arms:" Official, Semi-Official and Unofficial American Artillery Texts, 1775-1815 Part 4: "Rouges et bleus:" The French Artillery and its Literature, 1700-1800 By Donald E. Graves

Recent Scholarship on the War of 1812


Documents, Artefacts and Imagery

Reproduction American Colours in the Great Hall at the Royal Hospital Chelsea By John R. Grodzinski


Reviews: Books, Film, Collectables and Ephemera

In the Midst of Alarms: The Untold Story of Women and the War of 1812 Reviewed by Jane Errington, Ph.D.



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