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The War of 1812 Magazine

Issue 9: May 2008

Documents, Artefacts and Imagery

Recent Scholarship on the War of 1812

Including some recently rediscovered older literature…

Reports, Books and Chapters within Books:

Malcomson, Robert. Capital in Flames: The American Attack on York, 1813. Montreal: Robin Brass Studio, 2008. (A review of this book is featured in this issue).

Moore, Jonathan. Archaeological and Historical Investigations of Three War of 1812 Wrecks in Kingston, Ontario: HMS St. Lawrence, HMS Kingston and HMS Burlington. Report for Province of Ontario Licence to Conduct Archaeological Exploration or Fieldwork 1999-096 at Sites BbGd-6, BbGc-45 and BbGc-46. ISBN 0-9781712-0-9. 


Mills, Sean. "French Canadians and the Beginning of the War of 1812: Revisiting the Lachine Riot", Social History No.75. Volume, date and pages unknown.

 Newfield, Gareth A. “Medical Care of American POWs during the War of 1812,” Canadian Military History, Vol 17 No 1 (Winter 2008), 49 – 62.

Ratcliffe, John. "Royal Navy Watercraft on the Great Lakes, c. 1820." Argonauta. The Newsletter of the Canadian Nautical Research Society, Vol XXV, No One (January 2008), 12-24.

Sheppard, George. "'Wants and Privations': Women and the War of 1812 in Upper Canada", Social History, Volume, 28 (May 1995): 159-79.

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